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Friday, March 27, 2009

...My Classmates...

I want to tell about my classmates. Pe eh,my classmate very naughty.
Every class we can do noisy. By the way I verry happy because I have good friend see my classmate. When I go to class I can't have fill boring because my classmate always make we smile with the joke Mashitah and me. Hehehehe.
My lecture can't dry gum with our behaviour,sure smile want look my classmate.
But,have someone I don't like. Who?? Oh no,she that was secret.
I don't like her because she always compare I with his self.
Reason that is I dislike she. My classmate constitute two boy and eleven girl.
Beside that,my classmate also have two girl india,and one chinese boy.
Even though they naughty,they always get good mark. No paly-play in this class ya. Hehehe.
So I hope they happy go lucky always and don't forget your self.