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Friday, March 27, 2009

...My Classmates...

I want to tell about my classmates. Pe eh,my classmate very naughty.
Every class we can do noisy. By the way I verry happy because I have good friend see my classmate. When I go to class I can't have fill boring because my classmate always make we smile with the joke Mashitah and me. Hehehehe.
My lecture can't dry gum with our behaviour,sure smile want look my classmate.
But,have someone I don't like. Who?? Oh no,she that was secret.
I don't like her because she always compare I with his self.
Reason that is I dislike she. My classmate constitute two boy and eleven girl.
Beside that,my classmate also have two girl india,and one chinese boy.
Even though they naughty,they always get good mark. No paly-play in this class ya. Hehehe.
So I hope they happy go lucky always and don't forget your self.

...A Road Accident I've Seen / Met...

During school holiday,I'm with my family was been to Port Dickson.
I was very happy because I had spend my time with family during this school holiday.
In our journey to Port Dickson's, I've met an accident between lorry driver with motorcycle.
I was so many people around the tragedy place and all car go slowly.
I saw the rider was in the road and bleeding.
It was so terrible. I guess the rider was has sarious injured. In a few minutes time an ambulance and police coming for helping.
The situation is under control and we continue our journey.
I hope our family reach there.

...The Best Birthday Gift I Get...

27 Macrh 1990 date of my birthday. Today I write my blog blessing my birthday. So I very happy because at 12am all my friend send me message. I very shock because all my friend remember my birthday.
Every year I and my sister sure fighting who get many present. Hehehe. When my birthday I can get present from my friend. The best birthday gift I get is t-shirt. Although simple but give me thousand mean. When I wear this t-shirt sure I remember she.
I get four t-shirt. I very like when I get t-sirt because don't me buy t-shirt. Hehehehe. But what my member give me present I can take. I want all present become sweet memory in my life and remember all my friend. Thank's for my friend because give me present. Love all my friend so much.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

...My Favourite Friut...

I like eat fruits expecilly orenge. I like this because it is very sour. So every week I go to shop and buy this fruits. I like this also because it is have skin interisting. If I look orenge, my mouth sure to feel sour,(yamiyami). What related to with orenge I can eat. Example ais-crem,cake,chocolate and so on.
Beside that I also eat a green apple. Before I go to college I can eat a green apple. I like this because it is also sour. Many people tell me want diet because I like friut sour. Hehehehe.
But,I don't like salad friut because add the mayounis. So yakk. In many friut in the world orenge and apple turn one's head I like. I very prohibition if look two friut I like it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

...I Miss All My Friend Time School...

I don't know why I really miss my friend today. I miss is Shima,Alia,Rabi,Baini,Bai,Che Yah,Akak,Che Tah and Sarah. Especially my best boyfriend is Razmi because he my idol at school (^.^). When I go to school I can see he first.
Time I school,my geng very naughty girl because my geng is happy go lucky. Everyday I go to school I can see my friend and we will do our trademark. I very happy when I together with we. We can convoi by motorcycle to go other palce.
My geng very like convoi motorcycle. After SPM,all my friend go to study. Shima study at UPM,Bintulu at Sarawak. Alia and Che Yah study at UiTM,Arau at Perlis. Rabi study at Kolej Indra Kayangan at Perlis. Akak now she study nurse at Kelantan. Sarah and Baini still at school now Form6. Bai now still not study after SPM because she not ready to go study again. My best friend now study at Poly MAS at Jitra,Kedah.
Sometime I can contet he when I miss her. If I not remember he can send me massage and remember me. Many sweet memory I and my friend at school. I can remember you all my friend always.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...Sweet Memory and Bad Memory...

My sweet memory is when I thogether with family go to picnic. If my father and my mother have free time we can go to picnic. The palce always we go is Pulau Pangkor. I very happy when thogether with my family.
Time we picnic my mother can cook something for to bring go to picnic. We cant go to picnic by two car because I have six siblings. So don't enough if by a car.
My bad memory is when I drowning in pool at Bukit Merah. After excident I very-very afraid when go to bathe at beach.
The excident do me not belive my self or swimming. When go to bathe with my friend I just look my friend swimming. I ever try do this but my fill not ready to swimming. By the way I can do this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

...My Favourite Lecture...

My favourite lecture is Cik Nurul Huda binti Zainol.His is lovely and charming.She is also nice and friendly.She has an average build and she is of medium height.She has curvy beautiful.She has oval face,thick,almond eyes,sharp nose,well-defined lips,charming smileand smooth skin.She has shiny hair and thin hair.Her hair is very straight.She is bright,clever and smart.she is an optimistic person.She is also extroverted.She is sociable.She is trustworthy and reliable.